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cord. there are different types of window blinds. some are merkel with the -- vertical with the pole. some are horizontal and have cords, which are deemed dangerous for toddlers and infants. >> it is scary to imagine that a little kid could play with that and something that dangerous could happen. >> there are still many windows here with those types of lines. these were vertical blinds with chain pulls. the new standards put in place still allow the types of chords and chains that put at risk -- cords and chains that pose a risk. the people do not realize there is a safety piece you need to buy to protect your children against this type of
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strangulation. at least one child per month dies on average as a result of this type of strangulation. reporting live, rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. the mini van swerved out of control in northwest washington, hitting a car driver, sending them both to the hospital. it happened late this afternoon. natasha barrett is live with what caused the driver to lost -- to lose control. >> we are hearing the driver had a seizure while driving on the street where we are standing. i want to show you the debris that was left behind. on the street, you can see where this wording happen. the ban ended up over here, hitting this sign -- van ended up over here, hitting the sign. there is glass. it all happened a couple of hours ago. police said this man hit a cab driver, then another car, before
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swerving out to the sidewalk. people were outside. >> i did not know where he was going to stop. i went into the house. >> a kept going and slammed into a tree, brick wall, and sign. >> i heard a lot of loud noise. i saw the car in front of the house. >> neighbors say he had a seizure and loss control. >> we busted the window because he was in there having a seizure. >> we are talking to people who helped the cabdriver after he was hit walking on the street. they say he was talking before the paramedics came to rescue him. as far as the driver of the van, we have not heard how he is doing. natasha barrett, abc 7 news. one after -- one day after the johns hopkins hospital shooting, a lot of questions are being raised about hospital
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security. dr. david cohen is recovering after one of his patient's sons shot him. >> the police revealed a number of things today, first among the motive. they believe the shooter was angry over his mother's deteriorating condition and at least partially blamed the doctor. he carried a legally-registered gun and i say this was over very quickly. he shot the doctor and then went into the room and shot his mother. he then turned the gun on himself. on this busy baltimore street, there is no sign anything happened. staff members and visitors alike say all seems to be normal. >> these things can happen anywhere. at least it was dealt with appropriately. i feel safe. >> a hospital spokesperson says the injured doctor is on the mend. he is listed in fair condition. one day after the shooting and
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murder/suicide in room 873, questions are being asked about security. >> i do not see how a guy can get into a place like this with a gun. >> commissioner fred bealefeld revealed that the gun that paul part -- paul warren pardus used to allegedly shoot his mother, the doctor, and himself was a small gun which could have been concealed in the palm of his hand. >> it is a very small weapon. police officers and security professionals are not equipped with x-ray vision. >> he joined with hospital officials in rejecting the idea that the hospital should have metal detectors. >> this is america. i would not be a proponent of sacrificing people's civil liberties to the extent that it would require to ensure that no one has a penknife or a pair of
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nail clippers. >> the police commissioner has a number of questions he wants answered. first and foremost among them is did the staff missed any signs? did she say anything to anybody in the hospital that would indicate his growing -- the shooter say anything to anybody in the hospital that would indicate his growing frustration? he does not want to make the hospital into a fortress. brad bell, abc 7 news. the first murder charge against the suspects accused in a string of serial stabbings could be announced on monday. our partners are reporting that prosecutors in michigan will announce five new charges against him, including at least one murder charge. he is suspected in stabbings in michigan as well as in ohio. he is suspected in three non fatal attacks in leesburg, va. the clock just ran out on
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one method for adrian fenty to revive his campaign. we can look -- we will look at how he could still be in the race. some people hope that adrian fenty will show up and shift party affiliations. a short while ago the mayor announced our response -- a response. he says he is humbled, but no thanks. filled gray's victory some of his supporters with high hopes for the presumptive next mayor. >> i think he will be more reminiscent of marion barry. >> we hope he will be like marion barry. >> the critics remember those years as a time when thugs thrived, schools crumbled, and the middle class, both black and white, headed for the suburbs in droves. >> i hope he will not be another
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marion barry. that would be horrible. >> there is a lot of speculation and it has some residents downright frightened. fenty supporters are reluctant to take down his campaign signs. >> i will leave it there a little bit longer. i am upset. i will take it down in a couple of days. i will put it back up if he runs. >> some die-hard democrats hope for a fenty strategy, even as a republican. the board of elections dashed those hopes today, ruling that he could not accept the of republican offer. >> you have to be registered in the party on the day of the primary. >> he says he will not launch a writing campaign. that does not stop supporters from heading to the knolls -- polls to pencil him in. >> we can still write in his
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name if he does not run republican. >> he is not running as a republican. as far as inns and gray is concerned, he was asked directly -- vincent gray is concerned, he was asked directly about the comparisons with marion barry. he neither dismissed or agreed with them. michelle rhee is re- freezing, and she made in the wake of his -- is rephrasing comments she made in the wake of vincent gray's win. she said she meant it would be devastating if it had been a referendum on the reform efforts. again and invented -- a gunman confronted police near the capitol grounds. police say the man pointed his gun at officers.
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they opened fire. the man was shot in the stomach and taken to a local hospital for treatment. at this time, there is no word on his condition or what might have sparked the incident. but we can traffic alert. two major bridges will be closed for structural repairs. chain bridge will be closed and rubino asked -- no access. -- and there will be know as at -- and there will be no access. the frederick douglass bridge will also be closed. we have our first check of the weekend forecast. >> it is shaping up to be a spectacular weekend for any type of outdoor activity. let's go to the belfort furniture weather center. there's a lot of blue sky over the city. clouds are keeping the temperatures down.
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77 in falls church. 76 degrees down and gainesville. 75 degrees in rockville. our story for the evening -- a sunny to partly cloudy skies through the early evening with temperatures in the 70's. we have a cold, dry front coming in on sunday night. no rain is coming. we'll talk more about that and give you the tropical update on igor and his compatriots in a couple of minutes. we're continuing to follow the developing story where six men were allegedly plotting to harm the pope. there were arrested early this morning. five of them are street cleaners and some of them may be foreigners. this is the first ever state visit by a pontiff. the pope has been made aware of the threat but has no plans to change his schedule. we will have much more on that
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threat against the pope at 6:00. did this father go too far in defending his handicapped daughter from school bus belize? -- bullies? tonight i announced the rally to restore sanity. >> comedy central's funny man prepares to take over the national mall. >> did a tornado ripped through the ballot -- the big apple? >> i left and i did not look back. >> we have more from the discovery hostages one day
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captioned by the national captioning institute rescuers made a significant breakthrough as they drilled a hole into the area where the men are trapped. they will attempt to make the whole bigger so the men can be pulled to safety. it could take another six weeks. discouraging news for the minors. the company they work for may go bankrupt. they will probably not get paid. father faces criminal charges after he was caught on
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tape in a school bus enraged by students to he says or bullying his daughter -- who he says were bullying his daughter. the video shows him angrily confronting the middle school students and the driver. he says the children were bullying his daughter who has cerebral palsy, taunting and hitting her. he still defends what he did. >> my daughter will not be beat up and hit. >> for him to be afraid to ride the school bus the next day, that bothered me. >> he is free on bail. police are investigating the alleged bullying. they could face charges of their own. hurricane karl is moving through mexico as a powerful category 3 storm. veracruz was in the eye.
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hundreds of people were evacuated. mexico's only nuclear power plant was shut down. local leaders fear that this will be the worst hurricane to hit their area in 50 years. more wild weather in the northeast. do not expect to see tornadoes in new jersey. the national weather service confirms that one did actually touched down -- touch down. home video captured this final cloud. it was the peak of thursday's rush hour. >> i did not know what hit me. glass was shattered everywhere. i was just thinking, am i alive? said >> one woman died when a tree landed on her car. others were left stranded when penn station and shut down. high winds knocked trees down onto the power lines. 30,000 people lost power as lightning filled the skies. >> the doors flew open. air-conditioning crashed.
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the windows crashed in. >> a damaged ohio state university and more than one dozen homes -- it damaged ohio state university and more than one dozen homes. >> it used to beat a red barn. it is not there anymore. cool temperatures. good stuff for the weekend. whatever your plans are, if it relies on the weather being pleasant, you have it made. let's look downtown. conditions are improving. downtown pennsylvania, good stuff. sunshine and temperatures in the upper-70's. we are in good shape for the evening and the weekend. let's check out some temperatures around the area. it is comfortable, 73, below average in laurel. they will pick a little bit of rain around midnight. if you're thinking about heading
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to the beach, a good call. it will be very nice. sunshine all weekend long. on sunday, 74 degrees. fenwick island. in the district, 75 degrees. let's get a quick look at two of our tropical systems -- igor and julia. julia is at 75 mile per hour winds. not much. igor has weakened, but might intensify before it reaches bermuda. the center will make its way very close to bermuda. it might go right over the island. we will continue to track that. we'll look at hurricane karl, which is in land just west of veracruz -- inland just west of veracruz, mexico. we have weeds and the moderate
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range, rather than the high range, which -- weeds in the moderate range, rather than the high range, which is a good thing. a warm spot on the map at fredericksburg. it is cooler to the north and west. a little taste of fall weather. you do not have to go far south to see that it is still summer. officially, that last until next wednesday night. we will have -- i do not see any more 90's anytime soon. i cannot rule that out. the trend is for temperatures to stay in the 80-degree range next week. maybe low-80's. we have had a few clouds. this is still little bit of cloudiness overhead. mostly clear skies will be the story overnight. lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures through the weekend. we might have a push of cooler air on monday.
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tomorrow, high pressure over head. around the e's tomorrow. sunday night, the cool front comes through. i do not think it will bring in rain. we may have some cooler temperatures. you're the details for late tonight. clear skies. 66 -- you're the details for tonight. clear skies. i think we will wind up around 82 tomorrow. more sunshine, low to mid-80's on sunshine. tuesday, warming up a little bit. wednesday will probably be the warmest day next week at about 85. the next cold front comes through on thursday. we're calling for just the chance of a few showers on thursday. we know we need the rain, so let's just enjoy what we have. tonight on abc 7 prime-time, a murder case with 25 years of
5:21 pm
twists and turns. >> we followed the evidence. around every corner, there he was looking right back at us. >> the main suspect was convicted, then released from prison. why did they try him again without treating it as a double jeopardy? that is followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. the future of metro smartrip is in jeopardy. there is some controversy. >> it is really tough. >> how was the economy affecting the u.s. military recruitment? >> an unbelievable twist in this story. >> an unbelievable twist in this story. why would she
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what's in your wallet?
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the crime through national attention -- a washington woman burned after someone threw acid on her face. >> she made an astounding admission. she claims she through that acid on herself. >> residents are claimed that her -- are stunned that her claims were false. >> it is unbelievable. >> she claimed that a homeless black woman had tossed acid in
5:25 pm
her face. >> once it hit me, i could actually hear it bubbling and sizzling my skin. >> fliers were posted of the alleged attacker. a fund-raiser was scheduled for this weekend. >> she was very remorseful. in many ways, this just got bigger than she expected. >> her alleged attack may have caused the copycat assault days later. she reacted on cbs's "your early show." >> i cannot imagine anyone doing this to themselves. i got physically ill when i heard that. >> for suggesting is that it was a -- her suggestion is that this was assigned. >> she might have had unmet needs -- for attention, for sympathy. >> a facebook page created to support her has been taken down. in its place, one called "send
5:26 pm
bethany storro to jail." charges are expected. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 -- a cheer that is too racy for 6-year-olds. >> the sole manufacturer of these cards is going to discontinue them. these cards is going to discontinue them.
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yeah, but... what.. happened to the back there? well, here's the thing: this was the only "sporty two-seater" they had on my budget.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 with leon harris, cynne simpson, chief meteorologist doug hill, and tim brant sports. this is abc 7 news at 5:00 -- on your side. they are supposed to be a quicker and cheaper way to ride the metro. >> there are questions about the future of smartrip the card. -- about the future of the beloved smartrip card. >> members are butting heads over the beloved smartrip card. the only company that makes them is about to stop. you might already have the replacement. what did you never had to load your smartrip card again?
5:30 pm
you could just sort of a card and be on your way. metro is moving that direction. >> i do not mind. >> those cards may become obsolete as the manufacturer stops making them. the board of directors -- board chairman director says it was just the best option at the time. it is time for something new. >> we're going to move to the use of credit cards and debit cards by passing them right over the target, the same way you do with the smartrip card. >> it is still a couple of years away, but some people fear that it will be a rocky transition. >> i am sure it will be administrative quagmire. >> they have smartrip card only turnstiles at some stations. it will be a mess. >> people will ask questions. >> officials had been planning to cut the cost of the cards in
5:31 pm
half. some estimate that they will try to cheat the system, costing a truck up to $1 million per month. the discount is being re- evaluated. as for people who get commuter benefits through their card, they would be assigned credit through metro which they could just swipe. julie parker, abc 7 news. suicides have doubled in the last year. metro wants to invest in new suicide-prevention program. it would teach operators to spot and stop. a prince george's police officer is facing charges, accused of assaulting his wife. last night police responded to officer anthony thompson's home
5:32 pm
in woodbridge. they were fighting. he bit her on the arm. officers were called back to the house and they arrested him on charges of violating a protective order. he is being held on bond. the story of the hostages has gripped the nation. they are scared -- sharing more with greta kreuz about that terrifying day. tell us what you heard. >> these two men told me they still have flashbacks. they said they still see the face of james lee. they also tell me that the support of family and friends and their faith are helping them get through this. >> the first thing i saw was the gun. the first thing i heard was, "on the ground." >> he said horrible things about humanity. >> key and his co-worker still
5:33 pm
relived the horrific ordeal -- he and his co-workers still relive the horrific ordeal when they were took hostage. >> i prayed as hard as i could to get out of there. hail mary, the guardian angel prayer. >> he wears a guardian angel pin that his mother gave him. he laid on the floor for hours. negotiations were not going well. he finally decided to make around for it using hand signals. >> the final countdown was three fingers under my arm. >> all three hostages brand to safety as the swat team took -- ran to safety as the swat team took the shooter out. he had to explain that to his daughter. >> i said there was a bad guy at
5:34 pm
daddy's office. he had a gun. he was holding that the as a hostage. but the police saved daddy and the bad guy will not bother anybody ever again. >> lives changed forever for these men who were determined not to die. both men say they love their jobs. they do want to go back to work. they say things are very different now. they will not be the same ever again. he tells me he is thinking about becoming a deacon and his church. christopher tells me he may write a book. live in silver spring, greta kreuz, abc 7 news. news around the region -- the water is back on in falls church after a water main broke this morning. the break disrupted service for dozens of homeowners in the area. workers replaced the pipe. there road is still being repaired. the road remains shut down and
5:35 pm
will reopen around 6:00. there was a commuting mess on the beltway this morning after a fuel spill. it happened last night after a four-vehicle accident involving a tractor-trailer. the cleanup lasted for hours and forced the outer loop to close between connecticut and wisconsin avenues. it reopened around 5:00 a.m. turn off your cell phone before you get in the car. aaa and seventeen magazines held a rally today. drivers to take the road -- their eyes off the road for just two seconds double their chances of being in an accident. they urged teenagers to put away their bones when they drive. -- phones when they drive. >> strong but funny messages. >> she is amazing.
5:36 pm
>> and 8-year-old cancer survivor is now a cover girl. >> you may have noticed a spite in -- spike in stink bugs.
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1 montgomery county girl might be joining you for breakfast. >> she is survived rare form of cancer and is now being honored with a spot on the frosted flakes box. >> from jumping to running, this 8-year-old knows that if she can take cancer, there is nothing she cannot do. >> i can play soccer. i can run with my sisters. >> her resilience has earned her a spot on the cereal box. >> i went through chemo when i was two. >> she was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer at two. she went through six rounds of chemotherapy. doctors amputated her left leg. then she had another eight rounds of chemotherapy. >> it was very hard to know that she was going to lose her leg
5:40 pm
and that i had no control. >> she is in remission and has a smile worthy of the frosted flakes cereal box. they chose her and three others to hope -- to use their stories to inspire others. kelloggs donates a portion of sales for each box. the box will be carried at local stores. >> it is to raise money for the children's hospital so that children can get better. >> it goes back to the kids that she shared hospital beds with. >> remember the children who need the help that she once did. in with traffic. up.k at the back u
5:41 pm
>> heavy traffic on northbound eye-to 70. -- northbound i-270. police and fire are on seen dealing with an accident. it is out of the roadway. the beltway will be jammed up. the inner loop -- and earlier crash -- an earlier crash. the matter loop -- the outer loop will also be slow. the 95 southbound has some heavy delays. back to you guys. coming up next here on abc 7 news at 5:00 -- a mothers complained about a cheer got her theyear-old -kicked off squad. >> a couple of comedians have a squad. >> a couple of comedians have a plan to
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jon stewart and stephen
5:45 pm
colbert are coming to washington. >> the question is, are they for real? >> the recent march as can be described as solemn, serious, and sometimes heated. some people say we have gotten too uptight. they have a plan to change all of that. from the furious to the frustrated and the bitter back and forth -- >> let's restore america. >> this is our day and we ain't giving it away. >> the national mall has been a tense place. come next month, it will take a lighter tone. >> jimmy, go. i'm calling for the nation to join me on the national mall. >> a million moderate march. >> his rally to restore sanity
5:46 pm
will be sarcastically countered by the march to keep your lives -- keep fear alive. >> sanity in washington? >> they take the farcical approach to point out how divided we are, hoping to put the handcuffs and hatred on hold for an afternoon. >> i disagree with you but i'm pretty sure you are not hitler. >> they say it is politic that a couple of comedians would turn out to be today's great communicators. >> i think they speak a language that people can hear. >> it seems plenty will be listening. facebook pages have been flooded with humorous and genuinely hopeful rsvp's. >> absolutely. >> anywhere jon stewart is, i will be there. >> any chance this is a hoax?
5:47 pm
the national parks service says it has received a request for the permit and an expected crowd of 25,000 people. scott thuman, abc 7 news. an update now for you on a story that we brought you on wednesday. when d.c. child care center that was going to close will now remain open. it is housed in the basement of the office of supervision. it will become part of a different government agency. earlier today, they said the day-care center can remain in the building when they take over next july. a 6-year-old girl near detroit has been booted off of her cheerleading squad because her mother complained that one toohe team's cheers wwas racy. she says the chair is not appropriate for her daughter's age and she complained -- cheer
5:48 pm
is not appropriate for her daughter's age and she complained to the news media. it this -- this backfired as they then fired her. >> it is like a family. >> we have a lot of upset parents. it is a terrible situation. >> her daughter will be allowed to come back to the squad next year. she will be on probation. it is unclear if she will rejoin. some mycotic memorabilia is going on the auction block. -- some iconic memorabilia is going on the auction block including part of the statue of liberty's nose. many copies were made before the renovations. it may fetch as much as $250,000. the original tablets that charlton heston held in "the 10
5:49 pm
commandments" are also to be auctioned off. i was honored to emcee the luncheon today for the congressional black caucus foundation which was established in 1971. their mission was to help the black community develop leaders and educate the public. several founding members were present for the luncheon. let's see what is coming up on news at 6:00. >> maureen bunyan is joining us. the world's biggest airline -- the new merger was approved today. we will have the latest. a plot against the pope? six men are in custody in london. the potential threat they may have posed. those stories are coming up at 6:00. a check on the weather. tonight is another great night. with dougheck in hill. >> it looks like a could be a great weekend.
5:50 pm
anything this weekend -- clear skies during the day and at night. the satellite is looking down at southern mexico. it does not give us a lot of detail. south of mexico city, hurricane karl. the top winds are below 90 miles per hour. the big story will be the flooding. we have heard that it will make headlines over the weekend as up to 10 to 14 inches of rain might fall in the mountainous areas before it moves back over the pacific. we're sitting pretty here. all afternoon long, nothing but cloud cover there on the horizon. those have been overhead most of the day. we have clear sailing all across the area for the evening. it is a little bit cool. 75 in rockville.
5:51 pm
75 in upper marlboro. 76 degrees in woodbridge -- 70 degrees in woodbridge. here is the weather map for tomorrow. high pressure will be the story all weekend long. temperatures will be in the low- 80's. your weekend forecast is looking great. for the final weekend of summer, fall begins next wednesday. next seven days will be a bit breezy and cooler. sunshine on monday. warming up tuesday and wednesday. the next cold front will be here on thursday and that is our only chance of any kind of rain next week. that is the latest. back to you. let's check in with sports. >> the redskins are putting on their final preparations for game two. their opponent -- the houston texans. they have big weapons on offense and defense. >> the redskins have another tough line ahead of them.
5:52 pm
they face another formidable foe in williams. >> you cannot find that type of guy with that size and speed very often. he is a great player. >> they will have their hands full. they are going up against last season's number one passing attack led by shaw. grossman backed him up and is still familiar with his ability. >> he plays really fast. he makes quick decisions and he is accurate with the ball. >> the offensive coordinator can also attest to his quickness. >> he knows the quickness. he reacts. he does not have to think in the pocket. he feels it. he is automatic. if a guy is open, he is going to hit him. >> joe torre made it official. he will step down as manager of
5:53 pm
the los angeles dodgers. he has headed the dodgers for the past three seasons. in his first two years, they won the national league west, but it does not look like they will make the playoffs. his greatest success was with the yankees. he led them to four world series. don mattingly will take over as manager of the dodgers. >> the end of an era. he will work on his hall of fame acceptance speech. you know lee is going in some time. >> he has learned that. the down economy is benefiting the military. >> we will tel
5:54 pm
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what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. guaranteed quality used cars can cost a lot less than new cars, so you can get more car for less money by shopping at carmax. now more than ever the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be. >> just a few years ago, the military offered huge sign up benefits. >> they are now not only meeting their goals, but better-educated recruits are signing up as they
5:57 pm
struggle to find work in the private sector. kris van cleave explains. >> with the economy struggling in millions out of work, now is not the best time to be on the job hunt. it is keeping this room very busy. >> a conservative 25% increase. >> this army captain is talking about the startling increase in the number of crabs becoming the newest recruits in northern virginia and across the country -- the number of grads becoming the newest recruits in northern virginia and across the country. >> i have problems and 500 resumes. -- -- i have probably sent in 500 resumes. >> it is really tough out there. >> the number of college graduates signing up was up 17%. among the perks -- private
5:58 pm
housing. >> i think it is because of the economy. >>. experts but u.s. -- >> one expert spoke to us via skype. >> they are not finding jobs in the labor market so they are finding jobs in the military. >> he has a master's degree but struggled to find a job. soon he will be a marine. >> it has good benefits. it is pretty secure. is -- it is a solid career choice. >> 90% of recruits have -- almost 90% of recruits have of high-school diploma. " if you are choosing to a list, rather than going the -- quite a few are choosing to enlist, rather than going the officer training route. a plot against the pope?
5:59 pm
a group of men are being questioned and face potential charges. we will have the latest. >> i do not think someone should be able to get into a place like this with a gun. >> a new questions about security at johns hopkins after a murder-suicides. -- murder-suicide. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00 -- on your side. the six men are in custody in london for an alleged plot against the po. >> it was his -- it is an historic visit to the u.k. >> the british authorities are not releasing specifics. the six detainees have not been formally charged. this was enough of a threat for police to move quickly this morning.
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